He still drink tea, loves vinyl and believes in romance.

After all, you could say he is that perfect guy everyone dreams about, but nah, nobody’s perfect. He drinks too much, abuse weed and cocaine (because Studio 54) and loves too many women at once (monogamy is a pretty new trend, huh?).

He’s absolutely not for this century and you can’t blame him, born too late in a too fast world. He is slow, gracious and tries hard to enjoy every goddamn moment he has, while drowning in a sea of silicon butts he never expected to see around him.

We all love to relate to him, he seems perfect in everything, good alcohol, beautiful women, classy jokes and a huge load of charisma in his smile. But he’s not happy with that.

You’d say he needs love, well, screw you, he doesn’t. Everything he needs is this world running slower so people could last longer, memories won’t fade away and masks would stay untouchable. But nobody needs him, an analog guy, he’s not having the money, the fancy pictures on instagram and the right friendships on facebook, he just doesn’t exist in our online world. He is out of fashion so nobody’s interested in him, he just stops being himself.


He loved vinyl, exclusive wine and good cigarettes, but not anymore.