Some of you might know me already, some might not.

I’m just like you, the teenage behind you in the market, or the one smoking weed in the park.

I am part of Peter Pan’s generation. No idea what will we become, but now, at 15, 20, 27, 35 we enjoy our life and are not really into growing up.

We are more into partying, smoking and drinking all night, we live the moment, our life is Carpe fucking Diem, we are not going to give up and we want just to party as long as we can.

We are dreaming about writing books and filming movies, we love to think about what we’ll become when we’ll grow up while working at shitty jobs, jobs that destroy our future and our health. We will die young and beautiful; we are dreamers, dreamers without future that will live as long as their dreams still got a crazy heart-beat.

Everything is just a game for us, we don’t think about anything more than fun.

Job? Cool, let’s spend all the money on expensive alcohol and weed!

Not having money?  Cheap cigarettes and shitty alcohol will be fine too.

You will call us crazy, But we are just teenagers than enjoy their life fully.