1. Travelling is very expensive and a very luxury habit, especially if you are in Europe, I mean, look at those super expensive low cost flights (ex: Ryanair, Wizzair, easyJet) or these buses, 9 Euro for an international drive!! (flixbus, eurolines, orangeways)2
  2. Finding an accommodation is impossible, hotels are full and locals are not friendly, just check these airbnb flats!
  3. Locals are not friendly and won’t help you, and they won’t host you for free, I guarantee it, just check couchsurfing, they are so unfriendly!
  4. It’s impossible to stay in a nice place! These hostels are so much full of dirt and absolutely non eco.
  5. There are no events at all, especially some parties for foreigners are impossible to find, people don’t party at all.
  6. Travelling makes you sick and doesn’t allow you to relax, you are always rushing to see something new and discover things, soooo boring.
  7. You can’t talk in your native language and you are forced to learn new languages all the time, which doesn’t give you anything except of headache.
  8. After travelling you remain totally the same person, it absolutely doesn’t change anything about you or your goals, you are just this one person you used to be, and of course your dreams stay the same.
  9. The stories that you have to tell are never interesting, and your friends will never want to listen to you.
  10. You are always safe and don’t get to meet more close to your own self.