It might be surprising for you to imagine that there is a country in the middle of Europe where people live on 50 EUR a month, but here we are, this magic country is Moldova, my homeland.
My grandmother is retired and her pension is about 50 Euro (actually a bit less) and like this is more than half of the country. But we manage somehow to survive, even retired people with lot of energy manage to work part time or find a more or less suitable job to be able to pay their bills (during the winter the heating can be much more than the money she gets), some other are helped by their kids who live abroad and send money.

My country is full of orphans- kids left to grandparents by their own parents who are hard-working abroad for a miserable salary that they send back home. Many of you had a maid, a babysitter, a cleaner and on 90% of cases this person is from Eastern Europe, in 50% it is from Republic of Moldova. You might think that we have to try harder, discover our potential and that smart people can get a good job everywhere.

Well, that’s bullshit.

The majority of your maids are high-qualified specialists in fields like: medicine, education, agriculture. And they ran away from this country because it’s impossible to live here on a budgetary salary that they get. You basically just starve, or look for another job.

They don’t move abroad because they are lazy, they are actually working pretty hard abroad to be able to survive themselves and send money back home for their parents and kids, they are actually not spoiled, they just want another life. Trust me, if they could, they would work according to their qualifications.

But they can’t, let’s be honest, if you don’t have a degree in fields like IT or engineering, you are almost unable to get a job somewhere except they country you’ve studied in. It’s just how bureaucracy works, and a hidden nationalism.