My first stop in Poland was actually Krakow, but too many things happened in Krakow to be told here, so let’s go to Warsaw.

Warsaw is one of the most modern European Capitals I’ve seen so far. I guess mostly of it is because Warsaw was 90% destroyed during World War II, so the citizens basically had to rebuilt it from scratch.

In a trip I’m not quite the fan of going through all the touristy places that are listed on tripadvisor(to be honest, at the time I’ve been in Poland I didn’t even know about tripadvisor, stupid me) I love just to walk and to receive recommendations from the locals.

As I had to spend my days in a very nice hostel (my first hostel stay by the way) I’ve met there nice Ukrainians who were admins and warmly recommended me places to visit and to eat (always ask the hostel staff, they really can recommend the cheapest and nicest option around for food and fun).

In Warsaw, both days were spent great, because I’ve met with my awesome friend, Anka, who came for me from Lodz (her hometown) to Warsaw. Basically, during my first day in Warsaw, Anka was my tourist guide and showed me the beautiful parks and the Academy of Science, which is a very majestic Soviet Building.


The second day I’ve spent in a much more artistic way, I’ve visited couple of galleries (there are many by the way with free access) and accidentally discovered one or 2 open air museums and one open air gallery in a local park (perks of having a bad orientation in space).

Visiting the old town, is also nice, especially considering the local artists that always have a show for you.


Personally, I’ve made a silly picture with Winnie the Pooh

I loved Warsaw for many reasons, for the fact that in Hard Rock Cafe all the bearded guys were singing “I just called to say I love you”, for so much art around, for long talks with homeless people (him speaking in Polish, me speaking in Ukrainian), and though there was some sort of a language barrier, the dialogue was productive, fun and very natural. #Dani_is_cool

Per total: Visited 3 Galleries, 2 museums, spend only 20 euro in 2 days (unbelievable)+ 20 more for hostel.

Leave comments about you Warsaw Adventures and your opinions.