They are brilliant not only because they’re mine, but also because they were double checked both by me (I moved abroad twice) and by my friends. Everytime I moved abroad I had already lot of support and help, but that’s not a reason to delay your plans!

  1. Research Rent option and prices
    It’s kind of obvious, but research the place you want to move for rent prices, and rent availability, right now, in some cities there’s a huge rent crisis, so you might need to research really good and have a bit of struggle with it. Once you find something more or less good, rent it! Don’t delay, as every day there are many more people wanting this nice flat/room!
  2. Plan your expenses
    After researching the rent prices, add to it some money for bills (research phone providers, average electricity/water bill price, internet etc) add it too, plan your meals, see how much you spend on food, add this money too, now double the amount… that’s the money you better have the day before you jump in your plane. Better have more than less, you never know when you might be forced to pay extra.
  3. Find a job before moving
    It’s not crazy or impossible at all! You have LinkedIn and internet, so move your ass and apply for jobs in your dream city!
    Extra tip: move your LinkedIn location to the city you plan to move, it might attract many recruiters (especially if you are working in IT)!
  4. Be tourist and then citizen
    Visit before moving!!!!
    Sometimes you simply don’t get the connection between the city and your life! So why spending money for nothing? Better visit this city for a week or so, walk on its streets, talk to the strangers and feed the birds in the park (if there are any), if you feel like this is it, then DO IT! Save money and move shortly.
  5. Create a social life
    Making friends is very essential, they are the ones who will tell you the best place to go and the cheapest restaurant in town (which sometimes is not recommended on the internet!!!!) so make a goal to meet people. The easiest way to do so is attending meet-ups and going to various social events. That’s fun, interesting and productive!
  6. Discover new talents
    Discover yourself and develop new abilities. Research for some evening or weekend courses or training sessions.  Attend Tedx events and workshops. Try knitting, embroidery or wine tasting. Everything that you never tried before!
  7. Explore the city
    Every time you go somewhere, try to go with a different route, walk a lot on weekends especially and keep discovering new areas in your new hometown. It has lot of things to give for sure!

Did you move abroad? What are your tips?