Gdansk is an extremely beautiful city on the Baltic coast  of Poland, it’s the world center for amber trade and the capital of the Tri-city (Trojmiasto).

I was lucky enough to spend here 3 full days in which my legs got fully muscled and tanned, so here are the must-do, during a trip to Gdansk:

  • Oliwa Cathedral and historical Center
    Spend a day just visiting around the city, the historical center and Oliwa Cathedral are worth a long visit and they will take your breath for a while.
  • Go to the Beach.
    I was in august and to be honest, the water wasn’t hot enough if you’re used to exotic beaches, but the sun and the sand are perfect.11934962_10200935630749950_8042221868958304869_n
  • Buy amber
    While walking around the city, you’ll see a lot of flea-markets and sellers of amber. The amber is a local gem and it has a very rich color, as well, it is ridiculously cheap here, I bought a pair of earrings with amber for just 5$.
  • Visit Trojmiasto
    Gdansk is the capital of a region called Trojmiasto, which mean Tri-city (three cities together), basically, you can get from one city to another simply by walking on the beach (it’s about 10km) or taking a train. The cities are Gdansk- Sopot-Gdynia.  In Sopot you can find located the longest wooden Pier in Europe (nothing special if you are not a fan of wooden piers, but worth a visit). While Gdynia is the youngest city in Poland and its extremely fresh hair has something very special.
  • Walk only
    Wear a pair of sport shoes and try to not miss anything. Gdansk has a very special air and history. It looks like an amazingly beautiful mix between Poland and Germany with some Dutch influences, and this combination looks absolutely amazing and worth to try.

You can follow my tips, or simply chill on the beach, it’s up to you, but anyway, just do it!
I promise you won’t regret it!