They say that US citizens have the biggest percentage of people believing in angels per capita in the world, after a month of working in the business that lives mostly on Christmas presents, I can firmly confirm that Americans are the ones that truly believe in Santa Claus.

If you order a Christmas present for your family that is leaving in a tiny town in Illinois, a week before Christmas, and the package is delivered from Europe, then trust me, it won’t arrive!

Don’t leave even the local shopping for the last couple of days, you risk to spend too much money and lose hours if your time in queues everywhere. Make a plan, few lists and go for it at least a month before holiday season, like this you will have enough time to decide and even the money spent will be more rationally spent. Why am I saying this? Well in am afraid to buy shoes right now because of overcrowded shops here. Everyone goes and before holidays!

Please, stop procrastinating the Christmas gifts!