It’s actually quite pleasant to see a star wars movie with such a good timeline and extremely good looking, but (there’s always a certain “but”) many things could’ve been better.

I do understand that for the success of the film, the third act should be the most memorable and really great, but at a certain point it felt that all the first and second acts were used as a warming up for the actors, which weren’t always great. Personally, I am really curious about choosing Felicity Jones to perform the main role, I’m pretty confident there were many much more trained professionals.

As I said the first two acts were quite boring even, mostly because it was rather extremely slow going or extremely fast going (in the first 5 minutes you take a tour for the planets just for forgetting them in the next 3 shots), from one limit to another and all of this accompanied by the weird sound that turns out to be the voice of Forrest Whitaker.  The only thing that saved them was the sarcastic humanoid droid, sometimes it felt he’s the only one having the ability to think rationally.

But, as the ancient Romans said, “finis coronat opus” the last 10 to 15 minutes were breathtaking! The few shots with Darth Vader spoiled my inner evil that sold us to the dark side, Darth Vader was never this harass before!

As general, I really loved that it is only slightly connected to the trilogies, because for me at least,that sounded like the best way to do it,and of course I love the fact that this movie kind of answered to many questions that appeared when watching the original trilogy.