It’s easy to do Krakow on budget, just walk around the city (the city centre is pretty compact) and go outside the city by train.

That’s the 2 basic things you need to know.

If you want souvenirs, then check the fleamarket and small local shops, which are absolutely gorgeous!

In Krakow I wasn’t the luckiest person on Earth for sure.
Because our budget was extremely limited, we took a night bus from Gdansk to Krakow (which took about 9 hours) and for this main goal we bought tickets for Polski bus, a very cheap and super comfortable local company. Some sort of Polish low-cost but with really nice conditions and leg space.

So imagine, you arrive in Krakow after a sleepless night, super tired, but still want to visit the Castle, you go there, and a crazy rain starts (guess who didn’t have umbrella?)

But I decided to be pretty crazy and went for a photoshooting in the rain:


And now guess who lost her voice for 3 days? Exactly! Me!

Day 2, was much funnier, we went to the Salt Mine “Wielicka”, the entrance is 20 euro, which is pretty much for Poland, but it’s totally worth it and absolutely tiring, so keep in mind to bring a sandwich along.

To Wielicka we took a train, so basically all the second day was dedicated to the mine and foood, because we were starving dead, and of course sleep.

Day 3, was the saddest day of all my trip, we visited the Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp. One of the most visited museums in Poland and the saddest one in the Europe for sure. There are different language tours or if you want, you can go alone and benefit from the free entry on special hours.

Get ready that the queue is usually pretty huge and what you have to see there is pretty creepy and horrible. So get prepared.

The way there was as well pretty easy, just long. We took a train from the main station in Krakow to Oswiencim, and the train took about 3 hours or so, so get a book and charge your phone nicely.

At the end, I’d love to mention the most obvious thing: be respectful. Auschwitz is a place of terror, so don’t laugh too loud and try to avoid making selfies, it’s simply not respectful towards those who died there.