Lately I’ve been asked many times about what to pay attention to when travelling with a low-cost airline.

As I am having experience of flying the biggest low-costs such as Ryanair, Wizzair and Eurowings, I made a set of rules that you need to respect in order to not overpay a single cent for your 5 Euro flight.

  1. Use a Backpack
    Always try to choose a backpack over a hand luggage bag with wheels. First of all, like this you don’t risk to get your bag checked in, so you save at least 30 minutes after the flight while waiting to reclaim your baggage. Secondly, a backpack will always fit in the compartment over your head, or in worse case scenario, under your feet, so the cabin crew won’t take it half a plane away to put it where it could fit. Thirdly, if a very angry dude will ask you to fit the backpack in the Ryanair baggage stand, it will fit, while a hand bag, might not. (Happened in my presence)
  2. Don’t take much baggage, or learn to fold everything properly, especially if you go for a weekend, you don’t need half your wardrobe. Take the heaviest clothes on you and some small change in the backpack. And roll all your clothes, that’s a golden rule!
    As about cosmetics, try to take some testers either or special travel sizes.
  3. Check-in in advance!!
    All the lowcosts have some biting fees for the lazy ones who don’t check-in at home, usually the standard fee is around 40-50£, the questions is: do you even need it?
    So here’s the trick, most of airlines have apps where you can check-in in advance, but if you travel once in a while, then it’s enough to make it about 24 hours in advance, though it is very individual and depends on the company, but 24 hours is the most common.
    That’s how Ryanair’s Boarding pass looks:
  4. Take food from home
    It’s obvious, but when you buy a ticket for a lowcost flight, you have to know that the food is not included in the price, and the food itself is usually much more expensive than on earth, so pack a fruit or two together with some sandwiches from home.
    As about water, you can take an empty plastic bottle from home and after passing the security control go and fill it in the toilet.

That’s all for today, if you have some more questions, ask in the comments, and will be glad to answer to them all!