When I was little I used to dream of myself as a great scientist that will invent like hundreds of things just to help humanity.

I will try not only to give a name for my inventions but also to explain what’s the thing about them.

  1. Space Accelerator
    I never knew how it will be, but it was suppose to make a rocket overpass the light speed thousands of times and make it accessible to travel through the universe.
  2. Cure for AIDS
    As a teenager that volunteered in the field of Sexual Education I understood at a pretty early age why it is so important to cure this dangerous disease.
  3. The pill of immortality
    Khem, you can see I had some nice ideas, I wanted to be immortal, not get HIV and travel through the galaxy, I was a smart kid.
  4. Telekinesis pills
    So, the process is pretty simple, you drink a pill, and then you can control things with your mind for couple of hours.
  5. Pet-owner finder
    So, this one was pretty cruel one, I wanted to make something that will help to find the assholes that threw a certain pet out after purchasing it, and punish them (I didn’t know back then about chips).
  6. Idea generator
    Something that will brainstorm in your place
  7. Wish accomplisher
    Remember the Ginny from Alladin? Well something like this.
  8. Eye picture
    I wanted to invent this thing that can help you make pictures with you eyes, and keep the same colors and effects (I still don’t like any cameras)
  9. USB port in your head
    Still dreaming of it sometimes. Imagine, you don’t have to learn anything, you just copy all the data and insert it in your memory.
  10. It
    I was much into the idea of not having genders, so not HE or SHE, just IT, in my idea this is much more interesting society with more potential.