I guess I’ve tried to write about this trip at least like 3 times, and always I couldn’t start it properly, I am still confused on where to focus more, on the fun parts or the sightseeing.

Anyway, I’ll take you chronologically through my trip.

I always dreamed to spend my birthday somewhere else than home, so this time, because of a ryanair giveaway, my boyfriend and me decided to go for a citybreak to London!

On Friday, February the 3rd, after work we rushed to the airport, and happily arrived in Stansted (extremely nice airport) at 21:30 or so.

From Stansted to London city centre (and that my friend is the tricky part of a 9.99£ airline ticket) it took us more than from Dublin to Stansted, both time and money.

Our airbnb landlord was a complete mess, even if we were ready for Anything, literally ANYTHING, he managed to surprise us in many ways.

February the 4th:

Our breakfast was in an extremely cozy place, called The court Pub, where a full English breakfast was 4.95£, and it fueled me for a whole day basically, highly recommend them, especially for the unlimited tea promotion!

After this, the adventures started, me coughing at every step saw the London typical attractions:


Don’t forget, you still can get out of Matrix, xoxoxo.

Walking more to see this buddy:


And spent a nice afternoon (without tea) watching the Lego Batman at the biggest iMax in Europe, it’s hugh mungus!


And Oh God, this quality, extremely orgasmic.

You might ask yourself, hey gurl, where’s the London eye?

Here it is, guys, here it is.


February the 5th,

Was my birthday, so we spent it in a middle ages Tower, because what can fascinate a girl more than the horror of the Middle Ages?


Not so smart caption though: yo tower so big, yo.

The Tower consumed I guess about 5 or 6 hours, I was dead after it, the only think that made me breath again, was this cutie:


And theeen, this cutie:


After a while, from London’s bridge this time:


Monday, February the 6th, was fully in the British Museum, so it was still tiring and extremely rich in impressions, after all, so many stolen things from everywhere in the world you rarely see in one place.


Tell me more what you like, and what you’d like to find about my trip!

See ya!