Need to catch up the weekend, so today I will post much more than usual, I guess this is my number one reason of not liking Mondays (I’m being too lazy over the weekend).

So let’s start the brainstorm of 10 creative projects that I’d invent.

  1. Inkscape Challenge, a month or so of creating cute cartoons.
  2. Strawberry in a pot- a project of mine that will appear sooner than you think.
  3. Book Club- I’d love to create in Dublin a cute and fancy book club.
  4. Daily writing Challenge- yes, I want to start writing daily, in order to improve my not-so-cool style of writing
  5. Read at least one book a month a leave a review of it.
  6. DIY posts once a week
  7. Skirt Sewing- yes, I want to sew my own clothes, because I want cheap clothes, yey!
  8. Movie from every country- I want to watch at least a short film from every country on Earth (if possible)
  9. SMM for cheap, after all, I’m pursuing a career in Social Media Marketing, and at the moment I’m trying to optimize these services as much as possible in roder to make it more efficient and cheap.
  10. Purses- It’s a sort of lifelong dream, I love bag and purses, and I’d love to learn to make them myself.

What are your dreams and ideas? What creative projects do you have in your mind?