Hi there,

continuing my challenge and spamming all my 20 followers actively today (these next 2 weeks will be very active, promise it).

As in my past I had to organize some big parties with minimum budget, I decided to let myself nostalgic and fantasize about what kind of events I’d organize now, one year after quitting my very responsible job.

  1. City Break- I’ve organized actually one of those, for 20 people a year ago. 20 people going to Budapest from Chisinau for 3 days, everything organised from scratch. Was really fun by the way.
  2. Photography escape- going out of the city, in the nature with cameras and practicing, hiking and practicing… dreams
  3. Beach Party- perfect for some summer fun, with beer and volleyball
  4. Beauty workshops- making some handmade masks and creams… the heaven of any girl
  5. Handmade workshop- teach each other to sew, knit and everything else.
  6. Whining party- the real party for those who like to complain.
  7. “I hate everything” night out- the day of the year when you can be your true, hating self.
  8. Latino Dance- just some hot dancing on wild latino sounds… sexy
  9. Cooking workshops- calling a chef, many curious and brave people and toooooons of sugar
  10. Board game night- pretty funny to think of it in the last place, but happens. One of the best type of nights to have.