As promised, I’d love to list below 7 of the most common mistakes of online marketers, or simply brand representatives in the online.

  1. Forget to target
    It seems fun and obvious, but it’s true. You can make wonderful products, and yes, everyone can be interested in them, but it’s much more efficient to make some targeting. Your hand cream can be super unisex and universal, but let’s be honest, it will be more interesting to the ones interested in organic products and healthy lifestyle.
  2. Useless personalization
    That’s not only a mistake, that’s a really easy way to lose customers. You can’t say “Be the hottest one at the party with this”, some women might simply hate sexualization, or even a more recent failed campaign, a certain brand started calling “yuck” people who wear glasses and don’t use make up daily. I guess you can figure out yourself how much money they lost.
  3. Ignoring mobile
    It’s nice to have a cute desktop site and your Social Media profiles to look wonderful on your PC, but don’t forget that most of the young people prefer mobile to desktop, in fact, recent studies show that more than a half of users are visiting various sites from mobile devices.
  4. Underfuned Social Media
    I think it’s worthless to say that ignoring the Social Media completely is absolutely stupid.  Not being active on Social Media in the modern world equals to not existing on the market at all (let’s be honest, don’t you check the social media profiles before going somewhere?). As well, it’s pretty important to sponsor some small paid campaigns (sometimes with right targeting, even 20$ can make a huge difference in your sales.
  5. Buying Followers
    It seems so tempting, doesn’t it? I know at least 5 ways of having from 0 to 5000 followers in 2 days, but you know what’s the truth? 99.9% will be absolutely unactive, and there’s nothing more pathetic than a page with 20.000 likes/followers and 2 likes on posts (from the executive/ CEO). Better pay for a campaign and have 200 likes but 10-15 likes at every post, this looks way more trustworthy.
  6. No communication with sales department
    Anyone is preferring to believe he’s the only one knowing the truth, and the right solution for every problem in the world. So easily the marketer can assume that if a certain decision brought bigger traffic, then automatically it brought more sales, which, obviously, is not always true. People can simply start attacking the site, but not buy anything, or another day, when the traffic is lower than ever, everyone entering the site, might make a purchase. Communication is essential between the departments.
  7. Lack of content diversification
    Stability is really good, like awesome, but from time to time, at least once-twice a month, try something new, experiment with your content/posts and format, you never know what might sale better. As an online marketer, you should understand that viral sometimes become the most unexpected and weird things, so dare to experiment!

I guess it’s needles to say that that’s what I do for life, Social Media Marketing, so if you want someone to help you with your page or consult you, contact me ^_^