Just for the fun, and because I have to brainstorm something today, enjoy!

  1. Lionmouse, imagine a Lion, who is also a mouse
  2. Terrestrial squid, because why not?
  3. Bacon, much bacon around you, easy to hunt… mmmm
  4. Steaks, walking and eating grass, grab anyone and fry… I guess beetroot salad wasn’t enough for me.
  5. Flying piggies, a pig that can fly is a pig indeed
  6. Money-shaped butterflies, catch one and buy an ice cream
  7. Goat that’s producing oxygem- me being eco
  8. Fish-monkey, checkmate Einstein! It can climb a tree now!
  9. Owl-lark, the perfect employee of any start-up, being ready to work always.
  10. Non-pooping dog, a dog that won’t eat it’s own poo :O that’s mystery.

Me being silly.