Everyone writes about it, everyone says it’s possible if you try, and nobody gives practical advises, right?

It’s all very common, people need views to sell ads, so they hit in the one point that everybody wants to find out about, so let’s see if it’s really possible to cut travel expenses and how does this happens.

Disclaimer: if you are a hitchhiker and a fearless couchsurfer, I have nothing new here.

  1. Avoid restaurants
    At least the one in the historical town, or the super fancy ones, those are the most expensive. As an example, in Budapest, at every corner you can find Turkish kebab (don’t ask why, please) and in the center the price can be easily twice as big as in some residential areas. In my case once it was 3 times more expensive (was living very far from city center). The universal rule though is cooking for yourself, nothing is cheaper than this.
  2. Compare the prices of rental vs public transport
    Everybody know about airbnb, if you don’t, then register here and get a nice bonus for your first adventure! So the point is that sometimes it’s worth looking for a place farther from the center but easy and cheap to connect with it. You might lose 30 minutes a day, but it can save hundreds of euros in general.
  3. No hotels
    Yes, no hotels, there’s nothing more expensive than a hotel when travelling, especially in very popular countries. The cheapest option is of course couchsurfing, in another case, be ready to sleep on a couch, after all, are you willing to stay in the hotel or explore the city/country?
  4. Plan beforehand
    Trivial but golden. yes, you can grab a nice last minute deal, but you as well might not, and this option is much higher, so why risk? The best way to have a cheap trip, is to spend couple of hours half a year before your trip checking all the possible options, in half a year you have almost nothing booked, so all the properties are cheaper (even hotels are having generous discounts, if you decided to ignore the previous point), airplane tickets are accessible as never, and you can get a nice deal in February especially.
  5. Travel light
    A backpack is enough for you, make this rule golden. If you decide to travel only with a backpack, all the lowcosts are yours, no additional fees, no waiting at the airport (that’s what I personally hate the most) and the cheapest ever fares.

Those are my tips, what are yours?