It’s almost a month since I’ve been on my birthday to London and I’m still writing about it (and posting on my instagram)  and I’m still partially there, though I’m already for a while in Dublin and I’m going to fly soon to Netherlands.

I’ve visited in my life quite a few touristy attractions and popular tourist destinations in Europe, I’ve been both to Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and I’ve never seen THIS many tourists, literally everywhere, at every step around the city. and no wonder why it is the second most visited city in the world in 2016, it’s absolutely stunning and gorgeous.


London is extremely photogenic, every corner of it is beautiful, and that’s how I’ve acquired many many instagram likes and followers the last while.
Just look at all this beauty!



And all this pictures are made by me, on a cheap phone, and with some instagram effects. So I guess you can figure it out how easy is this city to photograph.

The other thing I loved about the city, was it’s style. There were so many beautiful people, following some very interesting rules of style, they were all so different from each other, yet you could tell just by looking at someone, that he is local, I found that really fascinating.

Tell me if you’ve been to London, or how does my pictures look to you, and maybe even follow me!