I guess there’s been a lot of talk about Europe’s “not so popular” tourist attractions, because, well, because it’s not Paris or Rome, so it’s not nice for selfies, but isn’t it too cliche after all?

So here comes Meo, who’ll give you some more ideas about what’s really worthy to visit and what’s not going to be full as hell of tourists.

  1. Budapest
    I mean, isn’t it quite obvious? I’d live in Budapest if I only could, and if they’d pay well. Budapest is full of beautiful Baroque and Rococo architecture, and many bars. Nice cheap beer and everything you want for a crazy night out is right there. Budapest has everything for everyone.budapest
    Now you tell me, how gorgeous is that?
  2. Bucharest
    Bucharest used to be called “Little Paris” for its really nice architecture, small streets and coziness. As for now, Bucharest has the biggest Parliament in the world and still some gorgeous little streets along with beautiful gigantic Parks and lot of cozy coffee shops.
    Generally speaking, Romania itself is a hidden gem, there’s nothing better than a roadtrip through all of it.bucharest
    The Parliament which looks more like a castle.

    transilvania…aaaaand a bit of Transylvanian nature.

  3. Poland
    Yes, a whole country. I, personally, believe that Poland is highly underrated and deserves much more attention, as it is quite exquisite and the natural wonders and history it has are really unique. The salt mine “Wieliczka” is one of them, statues made out of salt and a whole salt mine providing work for 72 different positions, that’s what I call a lot!
    As well the multiple capitals of Poland are one better than another, here is just a bit of beauty from Krakow, that will convince you quickly to visit Poland.
  4. Prague
    To be honest, Prague is not this underrated as the others, but still, it’s not the most popular attraction, though it deserves to be far high in international tops. Prague is basically the homeland of Kafka and much more attractive than any other Eastern European cities, especially if you’re into architecture and good beer. A beer here is cheaper than water sometimes, so why not having a pint?
    isn’t it gorgeous?
  5. Tirana
    Unexpected, huh? The capital of Albania (a tiny Balkan country) is very rich in history as it has a very long history of being under different rulers, who all tried to leave a bit of their empire on the streets and building of the city, as well as some smaller towns near Tirana.
    Just to make my opinion more strong, here’s a proof:

What are your favorite places in Europe?

What do you think, should I write a separate article about all of the above or it’s enough?

Let me know!