Hi, it’s again me and this time let’s talk about why it is so important to have an instagram account while traveling the world 🌎

Of course, you can travel without it easily, but why not letting others to travel with you from the comfort of their bed? What do you lose from that?

So let’s go first with the benefits of having an insta account where you post your travels.

  1. Popularity, let’s be honest, 90% of people want to be known. The nice pictures offer you lot of people who will want to travel with you and will follow all your adventures.
  2. Goodies, a popular insta account will sooner or later contacted by various sponsors that will be sending you free goodies in exchange of your opinion. Some might even pay for all your travel expenses.
  3. Social Media skills, nowadays you can achieve easily an interesting career in Social Media, and instagram is one of the most vital platforms for a business, so by having a successful account you can provide a portfolio to different CEOs in order to get hired for positions related to Digital Media.
  4. Memories, instagram is a nice place to keep those pictures that will remind you of those really crazy parties and long walks in the beach that you had.
  5. Training your photography skills. That might sound weird, but its true, instagram is some sort of extra motivation for making more and better pictures, for improving yourself.

But what are the most typical mistakes?  Well, I have a list for this too (yes, I love lists) here we go:

  1. Using wrong tags, hashtags first of all are for describing the picture you post, so when you post snow and #flower and #summer people will probably ignore you, because you are irrelevant. And honestly, there’s nothing more annoying than irrelevant tags.
  2. Loads of tags. Come on, you really think you need 50 tags to describe your goddamn picture? No, you don’t, better check what are the popular tags and use them, for this purpose there are hundreds of apps on the internet.
  3. Bad quality of pictures. When I started my insta account 2 years ago! I was having a bad camera on my phone and not a single ability to make a picture, therefore the first half of my posts simply sucks, but the good part is that I learned my lesson. 
  4. Bad filters. Yes, this is quite important, a bad filter can destroy everything, while a good filter can give a new breath even to a low quality picture.

This is what I think about the usefulness of instagram, do you have an account? Share it below!