Disclaimer: I honestly planned to write an overview of my trip in Brussels, but oops, sorry!

As in 5 days I’m turning 6 months since I’m officially working in Ireland, I decided it’s worth a try to find out 5 reasons why I like Ireland, and especially Dublin, as it is where I live! (Captain Obvious)

Today, is my 5th but one of the most important reasons to love Ireland for me, and it is “Sorry”. I have a very annoying habit, I can say sorry like 20 times in 5 minutes in real life, but in Ireland, that’s some sort of normal behavior, it is okay to say “sorry” and to mean it.

People here are super apologetic and nice, which wasn’t the case of the citizens in my hometown, so yes, it’s definitely a reason for me to love Irish people and Ireland in itself, as honestly, all the foreigners after few months also start apologizing for everything, such a cultural adaptation.