Hi everyone, especially my 23 followers (yeay!), as yesterday I turned 6 months while moved completely to Dublin and working here full-time (not the best job, tho, so hire me please) and I think I have few thoughts about what I do and what I don’t like about Ireland, so let’s start with cons:

  • Weather sucks!
    I mean really, I’m coming from a country that has 4 goddamn seasons, we have a hot summer and a cold and snowy winter, and my body is used to that, I wear the same clothes all the year around, because I can switch, but that’s not how Ireland works, here are only 2 seasons- beauty & beast, yes, just like the tale. Beauty is those sunny moments on Mondays, when you are stuck in the office and can’t  go out (literally that’s me right now), and the “beast” is weekends when you plan to go out and do some shopping or hike, it will be rainy, foggy and very windy, this windy that you can learn to fly.
  • Everyone has a different accent
    That’s complicated, but when I moved here half a year ago, I was already doing well with the American and British accents, and I was totally in love in the Welsh one (it’s sooo perfect) listen to it ^_^, but I had no clue of how hard it can be to understand locals, aaand it was a funny challenge. Just when you think you know everything about Cork accent (expats will know how hard it is to understand) you’ll meet someone from a tiny village with a much weirder one that will be impossible to understand again.
  • Seagulls, seagulls and ducks everywhere.
    I don’t like birds, that’s a personal thing, but when they are everywhere around you, watch out, your clothes might get dirty!
  • Taxes
    Ireland has one of the highest taxes in the world, and that makes you said usually, especially when you apply for a job that say 40k per annum, and then you see that 40k are barely 2.500 euro, not what you already imagined

Okay, that was the very bad part, but let’s go to the good things!

  • People are super kind and nice and always willing to help you with everything they can. As an Eastern European I really love that people can simply complement you on the street or salute you and smile to you because of no reason, that makes the day!
  • You don’t need to spend lot of money on shopping, as there is only one goddamn season! Always, just add or take off your coat and you’re completely done! Cheap and efficient
  • Lot of tasty food. Dublin is a tiny melting pot and it has its own pros, for example extremely delicious and authentic food you can discover on almost a daily basis (I’m so in love with Asian cuisine, with all of it) and most of it is extremely delicious.
  • It’s very green and cute, there are definitely a nice amount of parks here and a gorgeous zoo in the Phoenix Park, which is by the way one of the biggest in the world!
  • Diversity. I love diversity, I love to meet people from different cultures and to ask them silly questions, because this is what makes me smart (forgive me everyone for asking some stupid stereotypical questions) and caring. Dublin, as a tiny melting pot it is, can offer a big diversity, you meet daily people from everywhere across the world and this is a lot of fun and makes the world around yourself a much more captivating place!

So far, I guess those are the things I love about Dublin and Ireland which I hope to explore much more soon.

See you soon!