One of the worst and funniest experiences I ever had, was in Brussels, my first Ryanair trip and first flight in a long while, I guess at that point I haven’t flew in 3 years or so, and it was by far my cheapest flight (my bus tickets to Bucharest from Chisinau at that point were more expensive than the 3h flight).

So far, this was one of my scariest and interesting trips, ever.

In the night before the flight, we left Chisinau at midnight, to head towards Bucharest, that night happened the first Paris Attack, all the France was panicked and we were going to an airport that we never knew if we are going to fly from.

In Bucharest’s airport Henri Coanda, I was panicking and everyone else. while being in the queue for the customs, someone said that Belgium’s borders closed, as well as the french ones.

we had enough money for tickets back and were almost ready to go back, but hopefully, it wasn’t necessary. We arrived soon to Brussels and from Charleroi in one and half hour we were close to our apartment.

The flat was in the heart of Brussels in a very nice area and very crowd, and because everyone was panicking, we got to here police every morning and we got to see soldiers inspecting every male on the street, however, even when panic was everywhere around, the soldiers were nice with us (three short and small girls) and answered to all the questions in our not-so-perfect french.

This is the first part, as for the rest one, if people will find it interesting, I will write soon.


P.S. Some local sweets.