I guess, I could fake it and say that I like everything, while posting my fancy pictures on instagram, but let’s be honest, more you see, more critical you become, and my position is that I am not a big fan of Amsterdam and Netherlands in general.


  • Reason 1: Bank System
    I don’t really trust cash, therefore I have few bank cards (5 of them to be exact, and all are debit), some are visa some are mastercard, and usually it’s just a matter of how much money you have on them, but not in Netherlands. In Netherlands (except Amsterdam) you need Maestro, which is absolutely non-secure and less protected than VISA or Mastercard.
  • Reason 2: Bikers
    The idea of a whole country riding bikes is really cool, and sounds good and very eco, a thing I deeply respect and think is completely worth it, but in Netherlands 60% of the bikers don’t give a fuck about peasants. They can cross at red light, they can hit or even kill you without feeling bad, because they are on bikes and you aren’t.
  • Reason 3: Weed
    I have nothing against this recreational drug, honestly, absolutely nothing. I admit its good effects and people’s needs and ways of spending money, but come on! All the country smells strongly like weed, that’s annoying. My nose is bleeding already of this smell, I think it’s simply too much, people definitely abuse it in public spaces.
  • Reason 4: Shopkeepers
    After living in Dublin you are getting very used to make small talks EVERYWHERE and to exchange smiles with every shopkeeper, always, because weather, politics, weather. But in Netherlands almost all the shopkeepers reminded me of Eastern Europe, the place where everyone working in hospitality will look at you like you owe them your life.
  • Reason 5: Prices
    Oh gosh, why some tomatoes will be 3 euro for a kilo? Do unicorns poo on them so they grow special? Why can’t you smile at me when I’m overpaying for some freaking tomatoes? What is included in those crazy prices, people? Because definitely not good manners!

No, I’m not mean, I simply don’t enjoy this country, though I tried so hard to love it.