Hi again,

I decided to write a bit more often, so I can practice (I do have some crazy ambitions related to writing, generally speaking) , today though, we are going into a bit of a different topic.

I’ve had the opportunity to live in quite nice places, though, my hometown, Chisinau, is by far a touristy place (though I think it could have much more), despite how cheap it is and how beautiful it can be in the summer:


Although I lived in some much more touristy places as well, in my childhood I lived in Athens, a city full of expats and tourists at every corner (there are more foreigners than Greeks in some regions of Athens), and now, as a grown-up I live in a total opposite capital, in Dublin, which I guess has only 10 sunny days a year, compared to Athens 336.

Long story short, I’m an experienced expat (I’ve even been expat in Chisinau after 4 years of living in Athens), but I love to assimilate the local culture and to become one real local, and that’s why I’m going to write about today in my post, the differences between expats and locals.

It’s really hard to explain it, but all the “locals” have some typical traits and even a typical more or less style in clothing. For example in Athens, the locals are dressed in very light shirts always made from natural fabrics, the women generally wear just a bit of make up on their eyes and some light foundation, as the sun is so powerful, it’s going to make you sweat and it’s not nice to see your foundation going down with your sweat together. In Dublin, locals are the ones always wearing spring/ autumn clothes, and especially if it rains, you’ll rarely see a local with an umbrella, because locals know it won’t live much.

As about tourists, I guess it pretty much depends on the country they come from, or even the region. If you see on the beach a lady with a heavy make up and on high-heels, she’s probably coming from Eastern Europe, where it is important to ALWAYS be Beautiful, and beautiful means to be even at breakfast ready for an all night long party. Tourists are the optimist ones, which are either dressed not appropriately (because they don’t know how exactly the weather works here) or the guys that have too many stuff on them, much more than they need.

The same is related to some big social events, you are very unlikely to see many Brazilians attending the carnival in Rio, or Italians at the Venice carnival, because they simply don’t care and try to avoid those events for their own safety.

That’s so far just my opinion, so don’t be offended, please.