I’m going to be pretty brutal now, but apparently this makes me having views/likes/ traffic and to be honest, I’m much better at this than being cheesy and positive, so let’s talk about people that travel for years all travel all the time, including me, I mean, in the last 4 months I’ve visited 5 different countries, I guess I’m a damn good example myself, so let’s go!

  • Depression/anxiety
    Typically, people find a relief in the travel, mostly because they have so many unsolved problems at home, that they simply need a break from everything.
    It’s easier to be unhappy in an environment nobody knows about you, and it’s more efficient that therapy sometimes.
  • Relationships
    Me, myself I did quite few times, but here there is another thing, there are people who run from bad relationships into travel and people who travel for a relationship. I did both, and both cases were so much worthy!
  • Likes
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that most of the people travel for likes, but sooo many are who do. Last year, I was in Rome and wanted to make a picture of Fontana di Trevi, but I couldn’t, during the half an hour I spent there, thousands of tourists from everywhere across the globe where making Facebook lives or hundreds of selfies in which you barely can see the monument. People travel for likes, as likes are the new proof of social status.
  • Problems
    People run away from problems, they literally run away from problems. Broken marriage? Fired? Can’t afford a tiny flat in New York? Go to Thailand! the biggest motivation of people from first world countries. We stopped solving our problems, we decided to just pretend they don’t exist and smile in our selfies.
  • Fashion
    That’s my last point but not the least important. Fashion is one of the things that make people travel. When everybody around you travels to Bali, will you stay home like a looser? Of course not! You will take a credit and buy your own expensive trip to Bali, which you actually can’t afford, but you know, appearances are worth everything!

If you do travel not because you feel an urge to explore the world but for the listed above reasons, think of it twice, maybe you need to buy something more important?