It’s spring, some birds are signing out of my office window, I’m having my coffee with milk and my best friend asked me to write about love, so let’s talk about my most hated topic in the context of travelling.

Disclaimer: I’ve started my romantic life pretty late, considering the society that I was living at that time, and honestly, I don’t regret this. Though I think my exes are not worth much attention, I do really believe that they were nice guys for a while, and I am very thankful for the lessons they let me experience.

I’m a pretty complicated person, and I’ve always been pretty hard to guys around me, I was always against cheap flirting and stupid macho tactics that guys love to use. I’ve always been pretty skeptic about long distance relationships, especially, because we have this saying “it’s easy to forget the eyes you don’t see”, and because my life used to be very active and rich in events that a day could feel like weeks if not months.

BUT, on a funny trip in Budapest, at a party I met this guy one guy that turned everything upside down in my life (and I’m pretty sure I did the same with his life)

My sunshine and I are together for more than a year since that Christmas when I thought that we can’t take it for much longer, and honestly, there’s nothing that makes me more happy than seeing him day after day. I can’t believe we lived quite crazy in love but so far from each other for 6 months. Those 6 months were very hard, and without daily long facebook chats, or calls, or trips to visit each other every second month, I think I couldn’t live. And still, every time I go home, or we are apart, we need each other so much. It’s almost like a physical addiction.

I’m not really good at writing about romance, but it’s spring, so maybe my successful long-distance relationship will give you an extra impulse in moving forward with your relationship.