Budapest is probably my personal fave in a matter of cities, I love everything about it (except the fact that I don’t know anything related to hungarian) its architecture, its parties and of course its people.

Budapest is the perfect city for me, it’s cheap (and I hate wasting money- but one day i’ll get to Scandinavia, one day), it’s stylish and all those Baroque and Rococo buildings are certainly a masterpiece, and the food is soooo delicious, long live the street kebabs!

If you are in Budapest and are not as poor as me, go to the Baths for a day and experience this place, as everyone is loving it, and it certainly will be the easiest way to make me jealous of you!

Another unique attraction (and pretty expensive) is the biggest Synagogue in Europe and the second biggest in the world. There are many events happening pretty often, however the entrance in it during day time is around 25$ and is really worth it, but if you are the same poor as me, you can simply admire it’s grandeur from outside and listen to the music from the inside during mesas!

For the poor people Budapest offers the perfect view of the Hungarian Parliament, and  the wonderful Bridges over the Danube. Don’t forget to pay a visit as well to the Cathedral and have a coffee on the grass in the centre near the bridge.

Where to party? Everywhere! Simply go to the Jewish district and enter the first place, it will be awesome! One of the most cliche places though is Szimpla Kert, or simply- Szimpla, it’s a huge pub with pretty interesting atmosphere. For clubbing Fogas Haz and get lost in dancing on 3 different stages with 3 different DJs, it has everything for everyone, even a tree in the middle of the club!

Coming up soon with another post about when exactly to visit Budapest, stay connected!