Yes, you’ve heard me right, nowadays, after everyone already became vegan and feminist it’s time to become aggressive and to sue every man for being a man!

Every woman gets offended, and if she has no reason to get offended, then she’ll get offended for someone else! For fuck’s sake! Stop this bullshit, ladies, be a lady!

You are the ones who rape the system, you can’t write/say anything nowadays without having hundreds of women being mad at you, like what the fuck even? since when a man accidentally touching your hand is sexual harassment? since when flirt is sexual harassment? I’m very sorry for the nowadays evil “white male”, because they are so fucked up, they have a fucking invisible privilege, that is so clear for every other buzzfeed-addicted women.

Racism is okay, it’s okay to be racist if you are discriminating white people, but it’s not okay to be racist if it’s towards someone else, don’t you see a clear double standard here? No?