Finally got the right inspiration to answer to my nomination from The strayling for The sunshine blogger Award.

And here are the question Melissa asked:

1. Do you prefer to travel alone or with someone? Why?

Actually I do like a lot to travel alone, and I did a bit of solo travelling, but I always find some friends on my way, which don’t let me hang by myself. I really love those people which sometimes you don’t even have a clue what’s their name, but they make the best travel stories ever.
2. How much in advance do you plan your trips?

Much, preferably 3-4 months in advance, sometimes more than half a year, simply because I’m poor and I travel cheap, so I really don’t see a point of buying today tickets for a week from now, nobody got money for this!.
3. Have you ever visited a place you were really looking forward to, but then ended up disappointed in it?

Amsterdam! It was my dream to visit it, but I guess I had way to high expectations from it. Anyway, I’m looking forward to revisit it again sometime soon.
4. Is there that one thing you can’t travel without?

Kindle, though I bought my kindle less than a year ago, I can’t travel without it at all. I guess it’s mostly because I really enjoy reading and it really makes the time fly by faster when you’re in a 6 hours long bus trip with a kid screaming all the time! (crying again)
5. Have you ever met someone unforgettable while travelling?

My boyfriend?

Most of the people I met were absolutely amazing, I guess I will never forget to museum guide from Bucharest that was so kind to me and showed me all the biggest museums for free and with much care.
6. How many countries have you visited so far?

Not so many, around 15 I guess, and just one continent. (crying again)
7. Do you attempt to meet locals while travelling or do you prefer to stay by yourself/other travellers?

Depends on how many days I do have for the region/city/country. When I’m purely for a weekend break, I’m just walking 10-15km a day around the city so not really much time to meet people at all, but when it’s a longer one, I go to parties or try to stay with couchsurfing.
8. What motivates you to write a blog?

I used to think i have a good memory and I don’t need to write things down, well it was a mistake, now I try to write things for keeping them somewhere safe, and as well I write my blog because it’s some sort of FAQ for my friends, many of them ask me the questions I answer on my blog.
9. What is your favourite place/country you have visited? Why?

Budapest, I love to go to Budapest, and can’t explain why. I love sitting on a bridge and watching over Danube, I love the fact that I can’t understand a single sh*t of what locals talk about, it’s some sort of non-silent silence, and my soul gets so much comfort from this city.
10. Share a memorable travel story with me!

Brussels, 5 AM, we are leaving our host apartment to go to the airport, 3 girls, one of which is 13, so huge responsibility. And because the ticket to the airport is more expensive than our airplane to Bucharest (from Brussels) we found a guy to drive us 3 times cheaper with blablacar. The guy seemed nice to chat, we agreed to meet at a parking lot at 6:00. At 5:50 there was nobody, at 6:00 there was nobody, at 6:10 also nobody. I start calling, the phone is closed. We are kind of panicking, calling him again and again, checking the maps, but no luck. at 6:30 he appears, he simply overslept… and I become a bit grayer that day.

Couple hours later the Brussels metro closed, another terrorist attack happened.