As everyone already knows, weeks ago was launched the F8 Conference, and Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced some pretty impressive products and upgrades that are going to come soon in our day to day life. I’ve been pretty lucky to hangout with the Facebook team, in their Dublin HQ, because, you know, cool office, nice food, and a meetup, anyway, let’s talk first of their new launches!

  • Augmented Reality

    Yes, we all know it looks like Snapchat filters, but there’s a big future behind this project (because let’s steal the only snapchat feature if we can’t buy it), editing videos can be easier than ever before, and the entertainment industry will have only to benefit from this project.

  • Messenger Bots

    A great save for all the companies out there, and an amazing platform to create millions of new Start-ups, just think of it, you can make pizza delivery system simply with a Messenger bot, isn’t it magical?

  • Brain-computer interface

    We all know about severe disabilities, and people who can move only a part of their faces even, (i.e. Stephen Hawking) so with this tool, people will be able to type (and maybe not only) simply with their brains! Isn’t this a considerable improvement of the quality of life?

  • Facebook Spaces

    Are there other “Black Mirror” fans out there? This one feature scared me out completely. Long-story-short, this feature will enable people to do things together while being anywhere in the world, because they can use VR for this. People can meet in a VR because you know, Oculus Rift.
    This one in particular sounds crazy, and I’m already looking for some screens like my walls, but who knows, maybe it isn’t this bad?

What do you think of F8? Let me know!