As part of my freelance job, I’m organizing trips for various clients, and though those things sometimes look pretty schematic, they involve reading a lot of reviews, blogs, locals’ experiences or even my own,

So as I’ve organized today a small 3-days trip to Cambodia, I decided to make a circle of this type of trips for fun, So from now on, every Friday we’ll have a tour generated for any given country (how cool is that?) with pictures and details (as many as possible)

If you decide to visit Cambodia, and most important, Siem Reap, the birthplace of many religious sites, then prepare to give it at least 3 days, and lot of walk. Though, the best and cheapest way to commute will be tuk tuk, still, sometimes walking give you a much better intro to the local culture.

Day 1

One of the main attractions in Cambodia as most of you might know, is the Angkor temple, mostly known as Angkor Wat, in Siem Reap. This is officially the largest religious structure in the world, and you can easily feel it changing you, so it definitely can’t be missed out! The best time to visit is the early morning or afternoons, just like this you can avoid the vast tourist crowds. If you prefer to know more about them, then don’t mind taking a guide, it can be much more informational than you think, and allow to the temples the least of 3-5 hours, and the most important, don’t rush!


Bayon Temple, or the Temple of Many Faces is an interesting master piece built in the 12th century in dedication to Buddha, as it is very close to Angkor Wat, you can easily combine them.


While in Siem Reap though, you should give a chance to some other attractions, such as Ta Prohm, but remember to stick to the recommended route, in order to help to the preservation of this untouched beauty. It is said that “this temple serves as a reminder that whenever empires rise or fall, the power of nature marches on, oblivious to the dramas of human history” so keep that in mind during your stay, the most quiet time to visit it though, is as well the early morning.


The last part of the first day will be Banteay Srei, a temple made of red sandstone and covered in beautiful carvings. Will be a perfect for finishing your day of Temples.


Day 2

This day just dedicate it wholeheartedly to the Phnom Kulen National Park, here you can explore the wildlife of Cambodia, though it’s an hour outside Siem reap, it offers a new scenery and a completely different place with different people. Bea ready to see monks, pagodas and unforgettable waterfalls and mountains.


Day 3

While is Siem Reap, you can go and visit the West Baray Lake here you can find your inner calm and lie in hammocks or enjoy a picnic, but take care that the food and beverage can be more pricey in the area so better bring it with yourself.

For the afternoon, you can go to see the performance of the Phare, The Cambodian Circus, the students of which are impressive in their way of performing acrobatics, dance, music and theatre. The performances are very unique and give you a nice intro to the Cambodian history.

Phare Cafe (1)

After the circus, you can go to enjoy the night market, and to buy for yourself clothes and souvenirs from the local masters, if you like to barter, then just do it, locals adore it.


What do you think? Should those series live or nah?