Let’s be honest, Cuba is a living dream of so many adventurers, ohh, I’m daydreaming about it so much, I’m even writing this listening to some Cuban music.

The country of almost no internet, living communism and Che Guevara, definitely needs more time to be spent in, but if you are lucky to spend even 3 days, then let’s figure what you can do.

Spoilers: unfortunately, going out of Havana will take too much time, so let’s stay there and explore the soul of Havana.

First, note to yourself that the famous Casa particular that you’ve probably heard so much about, are nowadays easy to be found on airbnb and booking.com (magic of the internet!), and they are sooo cheap, so just book the one you like, there are many.


Dedicate one day at least to see the Old Havana, just walk around, for the sake of the beautiful and quite unusual architecture. There are some free tours, but if you really want to make a difference, contact one of the local tour agencies, to provide you with one, most of them are great professionals.


Make the second day a cultural one, in the picture above is the Museum Ernesto Hemingway in Havana. The famous American writer found this Vila in one of his trips and fell in love in it. He said it’s the perfect place to write, so if you are a beginner writer, check it out, maybe the genius of Hemingway will inspire you!



If you have the chance, then take my advice as granted and go to the Gran Teatro to see the performance of the local ballet group. They are different that the classical ballet, but their talent is so good, words can’t describe what they can do, just go and it will be the main highlight of your trip!
If not, then at least the building is definitely worth seeing, it’s part of the heritage of the city and an absolute architectural masterpiece.



Casa Verde (translation: Green House) Used to be a property of a very rich Cuban family in the beginning of the XIX-th century, It finally was completely renovated, but it didn’t lost it charms, as it was built by a famous and very talented architect back then.
As a bonus tip, it’s on the last page of tripadvisor so you definitely want meet any fellow tourists there, enjoy it!


Lenin Park - Havana, Cuba

And for the desert, and last day, get into this communist atmosphere of the Lenin Park in Havana. Feels like back in 50s